Mexico – the Season 10 opener!

MEXICO CITY – 13 January 2024

The IES team are back in one of our favourite locations, Mexico City.

Here you can see the team getting ready for the inaugural race of Season 10 for Formula E.

Technology plays a huge part in the IES event security methodology, but it can never replace a structured ‘andando y hablando’. It’s critical for security protocol alignment with clients, departments, providers and authorities.

Fabrizio Torre, Andrea Conti and Juan Carlos Rifo are the advance planning team and you can see then explaining the site access control protocols with our local Ocesa partners and doing a full venue walkthrough with the Formula E team.

On major international events, in temporary locations, the volume of information can be enormous and time is so precious. It’s fundamental to get to know each other, interrogate plans and confirm understanding.

At IES, we put a lot of effort into our preparations in the local language. It takes longer, but it’s our way of showing respect for their culture.

Stay tuned for an exclusive look at what’s to come in Mexico!

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