With language capability in English, Italian, German, Spanish, French, Arabic, Hebrew, and Russian, our team of specialists have extensive proficiency in adapting industry best practice to operate on 5 continents providing consultancy in areas such as:

Project Management

Operational Leadership

Crowd Management

Vendor Procurement

Bid Representation

Stakeholder Engagement

Training the Event Lifecycle

Close Protection

Risk Assessments and Bespoke Documentation

Readiness Testing

Emergency Planning

Effective Auditing

Scott Anderson

Scott Anderson

Director (BA Hons Crowd Safety Mgmt & BA Hons Modern Languages)

I am tremendously proud to say that I have risen through the ranks of the crowd management and event security industry. From lonely car park shifts to taking charge of arenas, from giving out water in the pit to being responsible for major festivals, from searching at the turnstiles to managing stadium tours, from doing the door at student union club nights to intimate gigs for global superstars in iconic locations, from manning a road closure to shutting down city centres of the world’s largest megalopolis.

Along the way, I have made many life-long friends that I am also thrilled to call passionate and dedicated teammates. As owner, I support them and together, we deliver a full spectrum of strategic, operational and tactical event security services that are holistic and proportionate.

Fabrizio Torre

Fabrizio Torre

Director (BA Hons Engineering & MSc Security Project Management)

Like Scott, I started at the base level in the security industry and worked my way up. I have supplemented my practical experience with detailed university studies in engineering and project management to refine the way we deliver our product.

Our goal is to inspire, educate and empower security teams. We work across 5 continents, with immoveable deadlines, so while a detailed knowledge of event security and crowd management science is essential, the pre-eminent requisite is that our expertise is culturally assimilated through effective methods, processes and communications.

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