Mexico – the race

MEXICO CITY – 13 January 2024

In Mexico, the IES team supported Formula E on our start to Season 10.

And what a start it was…tens of thousands of passionate Mexican fans enjoying a global motorsport championship and a superbly curated entertainment program.

When we speak to international #eventprofs and #securitymanagers about why they chose this as a career, a common answer is the excitement that comes from the fast-paced countdown to that immovable event open deadline.

When all the meetings, calls and emails have been documented into agreed plans and procedures, when they have been presented, briefed and questioned, well, it’s time for ‘event mode’.

IES led the event security delivery by dovetailing our global security practices into the local expertise of Los Lobos, combining our experiences, our skills and, importantly, our wit.

The resulting success was a thrilling validation of our commitment to drive operational progress year-on-year.

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