We promote self-direction with autonomous responsibility for work & life integration

We invest in working, travelling and living conditions to underline our respect for our team’s professionalism


We create opportunities for professional development by working alongside global peers at world-class events

We foster and encourage curiosity by developing cultural and linguistic awareness


We set a strategic vision, with milestones, and give autonomy to the team for deliverables

We cascade this empowerment, with direction, through information-sharing and open communication


To be life-long learners that accept challenges and never give up

To treat ourselves, others and the planet with compassion

To display the passion that comes from doing what we love everyday

To show the intelligence and courage that clarity requires


The chart shows the structure of IES and the relationship within the project team.
This is not reflective of a classical “top-down structure” but, in line with the principles of the company culture, a structure with the Security Lead at its core, while the Security Operations Department and the rest of the IES company support and facilitate.

  • IES

    Account Administration HR

    Our back of house team provide the cornerstone for all our financial, logistical, legal and staff management. They deliver these fundamental aspects of the IES with the same diligence and critical eye as our event security managers.


    Project Manager

    IES Security Leads are the tactical points of contact for our clients project. Using bespoke project management tools and systems, IES guarantee an event security service with full business continuity.


    IES Account Managers are responsible for setting the strategic direction within each of our client accounts. To ensure client satisfaction, the account managers deep dove into our clients business to create bespoke key project deliverables, behaviours and timelines that are then agreed, measured and reviewed.


    IES Security Supports provide a critical role in allowing the Security Lead to concentrate on the critical project deliverables. It is a stepping stone that provides valuable experience in understanding how IES structures its Accounts and Projects.

  • IES

    Security Operations Department

    IES prides itself on using only the most experienced and professional crowd management and event security managers. The IES team has decades of experience at major international events and are specialised in areas such as event control management, front of stage, search & screening, close protection, VIP hospitality, asset protection and access management.

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