SHANGHAI, CHINA – 25 & 26 May 2024

New York may be the city that never sleeps but Shanghai doesn’t even sit down! 🇨🇳

For many of the IES Consultancy team, it was the first taste of working in China and an initial toe-dip into one of the most eminent and enthralling cultures and languages on the planet.

Fabrizio Torre imbued leadership with his passion, clarity and energy. Throughout the project management phase, he translated the Formula E departmental aspirations and ambitions into meticulous event security and crowd management protocols for our local security partners.

Together, they worked through the fine details of a world championship ecosystem with a burgeoning local fanbase.
Transport management, accreditation, access control, search & screening, sporting regulations, hospitality, guest experiences with bespoke activities, broadcast and media requirements, event command & control, celebrity & VIP protection and budgetary control.
Event readiness was guaranteed through comprehensive assessments, deployment plans, S.O.P’s, group sessions and punctilious briefings.

For any team, absorbing that tidal wave of detail, in a time-precious environment, in a foreign language, is daunting and unnerving. With his large Roman arms around us all, Fabrizio gave us one giant hug of professional reassurance.

It’s fair to say that not everything in the service delivery went according to plan and agility was a necessary hallmark. This was only made possible thanks to a unified and rocksolid foundation of mutual respect, cultural awareness and team spirit.

The entire team can puff our chests out as we leave Shanghai with pats on the back, new friends and a resolute determination to make next year even better.