Japan 🇯🇵

TOKYO, JAPAN – 30 March 2024

Collectively, the IES Consultancy team has chalked up thousands of event.

From leading teams to deliver intimate gigs in pubs and nightclubs, corporate conferences or SME venues, through to leading small armies for arenas, stadiums, festivals, sporting events and global tours – the IES team has been there and likely snagged a free t-shirt off the merch team.

We can see a career highlight when it comes our way and we put all our energy into making the most of it.

Formula E took the historic step of delivering a city centre race in Tokyo. Prime Minister and Governor attendance to confirm their long-term support for the championship, thousands of engaged fans, fantastic entertainment and a gold standard event product.

Martin Lewis FdA, BA(Hons), PGDip led the planning and operational delivery, ably supported by Laura Gallop. Together they integrated smoothly and seamlessly with the experienced and hugely talented local team to refine a bespoke event security service.

Of course, there was jetlag, cultural differences and operational challenges but they were overcome with respect, passion and humour.

It was a privilege and an honour , and we look forward to the next event.

Otsukaresamadeshita Tokyo!

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