São Paulo – Operação concluída!

SAO PAULO, BRAZIL – 16 March 2024

São Paulo 🇧🇷 is a Latin American city with more than 30 million Paulistanos and a truly progressive influence in business, art, sport, culture and entertainment. Its motto ‘Non ducor, duco’ translates as ‘I am not led, I lead.’

Perfect for Formula E!

The IES Consultancy team made sure to put their best foot forward to follow the city’s motto… Fabrizio Torre led the strategic event security and crowd management consultancy, tactical integrated planning with local specialists and government/police liaison.

This transitioned into a 24/7 operational delivery that covered:
✅sporting regulations✅major event crowd management✅asset protection✅access control✅command & control✅ecosystem close protection✅protected transport services✅VIP hospitality✅local workforce management.

The whole team gave their all but a huge effort from Natália Botter who took her experience working globally with IES into the local team, and ensured we remained in harmony and unison.

Any event of this complexity, in this location, can only succeed with quality, detailed logistics. The brains behind the brawn, The expertise and operational support from Federica, Gaby and Luciana was exceptional.